Merry Christmas from the Holy Land

I wanted to show you a little bit of beautiful Bethlehem, but the videos I found on YouTube were so depressing, I’ve decided to spare you the political conflict on this spiritual day. Maybe the church doesn’t allow tourist to bring in video cameras while the midnight mas is going on, and maybe the people inside are just not into filming cause they are too busy enjoying their private moment with God and Jesus…. >> Merry Christmas from the Holy Land


Hanuka Party with a Miraculous Line-Up

Hanuka is already here, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just around the corner, and its time to get your party gear out of the closet and reserve a ticket to a once in a year party…Check out the invite and realize that a line-up like that is a uplifting Hanuka miracle for veteran Trance fans: >> Happy Hanukkah Party – a Miraculous Line-Up

Taste of the Kinneret Festival

The Jordan Valley, Tiberias and the Kibbutzs and Moshavs around the Sea of Galilee will host in the next two weeks (Fri-Sat 19-20 of Dec. and 26-27 of Dec.) the forth Taste of the Kinneret Festival. If this is your first time to Israel you should probably know first that the Kinneret is what we Israelis call the Sea of Galilee. >> “Taste of the Kinneret” (Sea of Galilee) Festival

Red Band N Mosh Ben-Ari’s Dick

Watch a clip from Israel’s Funniest TV show – Red Band

The story of Red Band, in short, goes like this: Red Band (played by Muppets…) was a successful band in Israel during the 60s. After a few years of local fame, the lead singer, Red (the Muppet with purple hair), decided to go to America and become a huge star over there. It didn’t work out as he planned … >> Red Band hosts Israeli singer Mosh Ben-Ari

TimeOut Restaurant Awards 2008 – Part 2

Excellent Recommendations for Eat Out Options in Tel Aviv

OK, so we are back on the subject of eating out in Israel, or Tel Aviv to be exact…Just keep in mind that this list of TimeOut winners is not completely free of commercial and business interests, and while traveling in Israel try and update your info and get fresh local tip…
>> TimeOut top restaurants in Tel Aviv awards – part 1
>> TimeOut best restaurants in Tel Aviv awards – part 2

TimeOut Tel Aviv Restaurant Awards – Part 1

Best places to eat and drink according to TimeOut TLV

A couple of weeks TimeOut Tel Aviv published its annual food awards issue. The winners were elected by people who live in Tel Aviv (special ballot postcards were waiting at every nominated restaurant, bar, pattiserie, cafe etc.), and by TimeOut food critics. My advice to you is to consider these winners while in Israel and to check out the chosen spots for a special dinner, a drink or a coffee….
>> TimeOut top restaurants in Tel Aviv awards – part 1
>> TimeOut best restaurants in Tel Aviv awards – part 2

Rufus Wainwright in Tel Aviv

Two concerts by Rufus are a great excuse for a post

Some lucky people (like myself), will get to see Rufus Wainwright this week in Tel Aviv and that’s a great excuse to play his music (and theatrical videos) on my blog. >> Rufus Wainwright concerts in Tel Aviv