Israel Fun Videos

Isragirl presents: Videos about Israel and from Israel. Enjoy and comment…!

Israel – A Dangerous Place Indeed

Check it Out!!!!! A great commercial made just for you… Most People out side Israel get their info on Israel from the news. The media, as we all know, has its own agenda, i.e. – Rating, sales, revenues etc… Fear, sex and violence sell very well and achieve great ratings, this is why when ever I watch a TV news piece about Israel on CNN or BBC I get really scared and I cant believe I still live here…

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9 Responses

  1. Well done and thank you for showing the world.

  2. Awesome! made me want to jump on the next plane to israel. Ever since i first developed a thing for israeli girls in uniforms with guns (which is basically the first time i saw one) i’ve hoped for such a picture collection. Thank you! The only down side to a longstanding peace in the middle east will be a lack of such babes in army gear walking around the streets.

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