Photos of Israel

Tel Aviv Pigeon at Sunset

Tel Aviv Pigeon
Isragirl Presents : Tel Aviv Pigeon, Photo by The Plucked Rat ©

My good friend, the Plucked Rat, who got me to start blogging, contributed this lovely photo taken from the roof of a Tel-Avivean apartment building. Pigeons are rats with wings, this is probably why he thought (being a rat an all…) that this picture is so romantic. But you know what? Tel Aviv is a romantic city, well, maybe not romantic, but defiantly sexy. Beaches, clubs, bars, cafes, small city gardens and parks and a whole lot of young people looking for fun – this is Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps.

more photos on my new blog at Photos of Israel Collection


7 Responses

  1. hi: my name is armando ulises, i`like israel and i`would like if you showing to me more the tel aviv in special the beach places, i`m sending to you a cheer , i`ll waiting for you answer, thank you.

  2. Hi ulises

    I give you the link to one very talented israeli photographer and I think you will find some cool Tel-Aviv photos in his gallery.

  3. cool i like it

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