Hello to all visitors…welcome to my blog, I’m Isragirl, I live in Tel Aviv, Israel but I love to travel and been around the world. While travelling I’ve discovered that friendly tips from local people can be better than any written travel guide, and so I’ve decided to write a blog about Israel to help those thinking of coming to the Holy land.

Recently I’ve moved to a new blogging tool and wish you’d join me at The Israeli Scene


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  1. 🙂

  2. Hi Isragirl!
    I’m delighted to have found your site on BlogCatalog !

    I have another site at http://chickensoupandboerewors.blogspot.com (or access it from the Blogroll on my site), where I started blogging my letters home from Israel when I was there in the ’80s (on kibbutz). I don’t really promote the site – it’s more a personal thing for me to remember.

    Anyway, I’ll be following your blogs with great interest. I still miss your land very much.

  3. Hi Mike, what a great idea..sorry took me so long to see your comment. What Kibbutz were you on? I lived on Kibbutz Degania B’ till I was 20. Had a lot of vol friends. where were you?

  4. Hi there,
    I liked your blog, and think you and your readerd may find interest in the israel ministry of tourism community:
    If you think so as well, we would love it if you could link to our community, or integrate our rss feed:

  5. hi isragirl!
    hope all is good with you. looking for ideas of places to play in israel – i’m coming in august – just opened for habanot nechama in new york city (where i live) and hadag nachash in chicago in february…

    peace, love and justice,


  6. Hello Isragirl,

    I have promoted your “Jewish Harvest Festival: Shavuot Long Weekend” on my blog/website in Chicago. Indeed, the celebration of Shavuot is this weekend. I love Achinoam Nini; I am particularly fond of her song (הוא (בואי כלה

    Next weekend on Sunday, 15 June 2008, I am going to be with friends at the Greater Chicago Jewish Festival where we expect to have 30,000 people in attendance. See (http://www.pocet.org/).

    Noa is a good source of relaxation due to the nature of my work. I have traveled in Israel; I have encountered terrorism firsthand in Jerusalem. We plug away from the US to do all we are able to support Israel. I have been asked to go on a mission to Sderot with a group of leaders from the US later this summer.

    You have a really cool website!


    Eric Voogd


    Supporting Member of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee
    Supporting Member of the Republican Jewish Coalition, Chicago Chapter
    Supporting Member of the Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area

  7. is it safe to visit tel aviv. i am planning to go early 2009 for health reasons.lose wieght and do some traveling.i am looking for cheap accomodation any ideas.

    • Its completly safe to visit Israel in general and Tel Aviv especially. The Dead Sea is also very relaxing, as is the Galilee. Jerusalem has its problems every once in a while, but I wouldnt miss it as a tourist if I came to Israel, after all the chances of getting hurt in a terrorist attack in Israel, is still lower than getting killed in a car accident….

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