Girls Guns and Uniforms – Sexy Time in the IDF…

Sexy Girls in Sexy Army Uniform – “Fetish Day” Special !!!

What is it about girls with big guns that makes men go crazy? Will anyone please explain this to me? I guess its just another version of the metal dick metaphor where the gun represents your “tool” and the girl holding it will make you shoot till you run empty…. Its just like a girl on a heavy bike, isn’t it? The bike stands for the man and the girl can ride it…wow…what an excitement!!!!

Israel still impose mandatory army service. Guys do minimum of three years (unless they are Orthodox Jews) and girls do minimum of two years (unless they declare themselves as being religious). This is why you see many soldiers on the streets and on public transportation, many tourist find it odd, some feel safer and others find it very attractive and sexy. This video is dedicated to Ranger Wow from SF and to all those who come to Israel and cant stop admiring the girls in uniform.

Isragirl Presents : Israeli Army Girls, Video by arilovesisrael ©

Well, maybe I shouldn’t mind these Cliché male fantasies, after all the sexy-girl-soldier fantasy is better than the fragile-gentle-passive-please-save-me type fantasy that appeals to so many others. Its just that guns KILL, yes they do, and there is nothing sexy about war victims or even training accident victims, and when we use guns people get killed and others suffer great loss, so please people – MAKE LOVE NOT WAR !!!!

Girls with Guns Fetish – Make Love Not War

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2 Responses

  1. WOW!!!
    Well I may have got a lot of visiting friends from Israel to say “wow” many times on the tours i have had the privilege to take them on here in California but that video shows where my original wow comes from.
    Maybe if only girls were allowed to have guns the world would be safe- they would never have to actually use them, guys would just do what ever they say.
    Thank you for the video! I needed that. You make me smile at a time when i need it most.
    I miss Israel!

  2. Bestt Photo and article

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