Art Focus 2008 Will Open Today in Jerusalem

“What does art want? Everything. What can art do? Nothing. What does art do? Something” Jean Luc Godard.

Art Focus 5, 2008 will open today in Jerusalem and will attempt to continue the tradition of providing a rare encounter between contemporary art in Israel and abroad. once again Jerusalem will offer a unique kind of artistic and intellectual experience that will distinguish it from previous Art Focus events and the many biennales worldwide. The 5th Art Focus exhibition, will take place in the ‘Pavillion’ within  the Talpiot Beit Benit Congress Center still under construction in Jerusalem, from September 24th to October 23rd, 2008.

Built as an open and multifaceted event, Art Focus aims to demonstrate the liveliness and diversity of contemporary art, at the time of globalization, and to foreground the profusion of ideas and the many proposals it gives rise to. The curators of this new edition, Ami Barak and Bernard Blistène, have decided to solicit an answer from artists and creators from all walks of life around the question : Can art do more? Sixty six artists from 25 countries world wide responded to the proposal, among whom eighteen are Israeli.

Isragirl recommends this fantastic event to EVERY ONE!!! You don’t have to be an art lover to enjoy this multi-cultural celebration of contemporary art set in the scenic and historical city – Jerusalem. Art Focus will be open for a month during the Jewish holiday season which is when many tourists are in the country anyways… Take advantage of this special opportunity to experience art from all over the world dealing with the provocative question – Can Art Do More?

Treat yourself visually and intellectually – Come to Art Focus

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  1. […] Art Focus 2008 – Opened in Jerusalem and will go on till Oct. 23rd. The contemporary art event, titled this year: “Can art do more?”, Offers interesting answers to this question by sixty six artists from 25 countries world wide. This unique exhibition awaits you in the Industrial Qtr. of Talpiot in Jerusalem. […]

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