The Biggest Shana Tova in Tel Aviv

Happy Hebrew New Year to Everyone Across the Universe

Jews around the world will be celebrating the New Hebrew Year next Monday (Eve. of Sep 29). Check out this lovely couple delivering the biggest Shana Tova (a happy new year card) in Tel Aviv and possibly in Israel. They pass through some of the nicest streets and buildings in the city that never sleeps: Rothschild St., Azrieli Mall and Towers, a famous pub in the heart of Tel Aviv called Armadillo and more.

Isragirl Presents : Biggest Shana Tova, Video by ChepaProductions ©

In case you were wondering what was written in the end on the map – well its Shana Tova, which means Good Year in Hebrew (this is what you should say to every Jew you speak to, till next Wednesday).
Few tips for the holiday in case you are in Israel:
1. Try to get an invitation to celebrate with a local family at their home. The hotel food is great but for a genuine holiday atmosphere you will need to be hosted by an Israeli household.
2. Dont eat too much if you plane on clubbing later on that night. Excellent parties will take place everywhere especially in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Eilat and Jerusalem and in Kibbutz pubs and clubs across the country.
3. Some of the best outdoor parties take place on the Jewish New Year’s Eve. If you like Trance music this is your night – and with the perfect weather we have here now you cant afford to miss on the opportunity to party in the Negev or in the Galilee…Enter the internet and start looking – you may need assistant from a friend who reads Hebrew.
4. Full on Gay parties will take place that night as well – Go to Shenkin St. on Mon. around noon and start asking around, or go to the gay beach this weekend and ask around.
5. Enjoy the holiday and keep in mind that traffic can be havey during the holiday eve. and days.

Party in Israel on the Jewish New Year’s Eve.

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