Happy Birthday Israel – Cool Video by TAGLIT

Check out these sexy TAGLIT girls wishing Israel Happy B-Day

Taglit is an Israeli project with a mission: to bring Jewish youth from western countries for an educational and fun vacation in Israel. Many of these girls and boys are sons and daughters of Israelis who immigrated to America/Canada/Europe/Australia (Most Israelis who marry none-Israelis end up living abroad). Some of these youngsters don’t have an Israeli parent but they are interested in seeing Israel and getting to know what Israel is all about, and what life in Israel is like. They come here on a holiday, travel a lot, work on a Kibbutz or a Moshav and have lots of fun.

Isragirl Presents : All eyes on Taglit girls, Video by Tasha ©

The goal of Taglit (Discovery in Hebrew) is to get these young women and men familiarized with 21 century Israel, to show them its a fun country to live in and to give them a feeling that this is there second home and that they are always welcome here. The initiators of Taglit hope that after this Israeli experience some of the Taglit participants will consider immigrating to Israel. Another aspiration is that these youngsters will grow up to be supporters of Israel no meter where they choose to live.

The clip was shot in all over Israel (as far as I can tell). By the beach in Tel Aviv and Jaffa, in the old city of Jerusalem and in Makhne Yehuda Market in the western part of the city, in the old city of Acre (by the the sea), in the Galilee and in the amphitheater of Caesarea. I’m not sure about the desert shots (Judea desert or maybe outside Eilat)…The black mud in the bikini shots is Dead Sea mud – full with minerals and very healthy….
The only problem I have with this video is that I’m sure these girls are local and not real Taglit girls. You can watch other videos by them and decide on your own…

Israel According to YouTube and Taglit Girls and Boys

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