Outdoor Parties This Weekend – God Bless Trance!!!

Get ready to Party this weekend in nature or by the pool

Short update before I pack my things and head north for a lovely weekend: first in the Gilboa festival, then in the beautiful Jordan Valley and further north to >> Trance parties in Israel for the end of summer


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  1. I am a doctoral student in psychology at Gannon University and I want to look at the experience of trance dancing for my disseration. I need to find out if there is enough interest in the topic (i.e.- enough people who trance dance willing to agree to several phone interviews around 3 interview each 1 about an hour in length over several months) before I will be permitted to conduct the research. I write to you to find out if you would be willing to be interviewed or if you know someone else who would be interested. You can reply at sld-lpc@live.com

    Thank you for your help

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