Two Music Festivals for the End of Aug

Live music, beautiful beaches and long sexy nights

This is my 100 post…not bad ha? and what could be better than writing about music concerts and summer festivals on my 100 post celebration. Its almost the end of Aug and in some countries that means getting close to the end of summer, to short and dark days, to the cold. Well, not in Israel, for us summer continues till the end of Oct and aside from the fact that school starts on Sep. 1st, these months are a regular part of the local summer and a vacation in Israel during this time is still very much a summer holiday.

Volume Kinneret Festival
Isragirl Presents : Volume Kinneret Festival’s Map, Photo by Volume Kinneret ©

If you are currently in the holy land or planing on arriving here in the next few days here are two recommendations for fun music festivals:

Beer City in Haifa (Goldstar Festival) – Sponsored by Goldstar beer, a popular local beer, this festival returns for a couple of nights of live music, lots of beer (Israeli, German, Irish and more), food that goes well with it (for Israelis meet goes well with everything), artists fair and parties on the beach. The Haifa crowed is well known in the local scene as very happy, this could be a great opportunity to experience excellent local Hip Hop and Alternative Rock. You can expect a crowed of 16 year old to 60…

Where: Student Beach in Haifa | When: Aug 20-21 from 8pm | Entrance: Free

Who: Wed – HaDag Nakhash (Fish Snake), Beit HaBoobot (Doll House); Thur – The Giraffes, Ivry Lider

Volume Kinneret – The festival returns for the second time to the east shore of the Sea of Galilee (Luna Gal Water Park). Three days of fun are guaranteed to those who will make there way up north to enjoy live music, water sports and fun, camping by the lake and lots of hormones (The oldest person there wont be over 24…). If you are traveling in Israel with 16-22 year olds my tip would be to drop them in the festival and pick them up when its over, they’ll enjoy it for sure and you’ll be able to focus on interesting sights and attractions in the area (Golan Heights, Tiberias, the Upper Galilee, Nazareth, Beit Shean etc.). The first night of the festival will host the final show of “A Star is Born” (Israel’s Idol) and the other two nights will bring you some of Israel’s best musicians, one after another (Aviv Geffen, Mooki, The Jews, HaDag Nakhash, Synergy, Mosh Ben Ari, Beit HaBoobot, HaTikva 6, Ivry Lider, The Giraffes, HaShavim), plus smaller concerts in three special chai tents: Rock, Acoustic and Hip Hop.The water park slides will be open every night till 2am and Parties will continue till morning or till everyone drop in exhaustion.

Where: Luna Gal, Sea of Galilee | When: 23-26 Aug | Tickets: 75 ILS at 052-6779503 (Nadav)

Summer, Sun, Beaches, Music, Alcohol and Parties…

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