Tel Aviv Port – Summer Fun 4 Everyone….

Tel Aviv is all about fun, for Kids, adults and hormonal youngsters

Check out this lovely photo-clip of Tel Aviv, its very personal, and even touching. As it wasn’t made by some tourism oriented director, it shows Tel Aviv as it really is: beautiful architecture along side buildings that need urgent renovations, fantastic beaches, neighboring less attractive streets… The bottom line, though, is that Tel Aviv is super fun city to live in and a very special place to visit.

Isragirl Presents : Tel Aviv Photo Clip, Video by gadamsterdam ©

Tel Aviv Port has become one of the most popular hang-out places in the city. People come to the port for the fine restaurants, cafes along the water, to shop for brand, to drink at the pick-up bars, to enjoy a live concert, an exhibition or a night of Jazz – you name it, the port has it all, plus a huge deck for children to skate on, ride bicycles and play with other kids….

Special Tel Aviv Port Recommendations:

Live unplugged concerts – Every Wednesday on the pier at 8pm. This week (Aug 20) Eran Zur will perform there, and he is really the reason for this post as he is one of Isragirl’s favorites!!!

Diaada family center – fun activities for young children and the whole family, Sun-Thur at 6.30pm. Diaada has another center on Ben Gurion street and if you are looking for a nice cafe where you can have breakfast while the kids are playing – the Diaada centers are perfect….(and it looks nothing like a McDonald playground).

Yoga at Sunset – at El HaYoga Every Thursday at 6.30pm. Only 5 meters from the water, El HaYoga is a perfect place to relax and concentrate. The after-yoga-coffee choices are endless….

Kabbalat Shabat – A Jewish ceremony of welcoming the Shabat (Saturday – The Day of Rest), is held every Friday by “Israeli House of Prayer. The ceremony is about harmony and joy and you don’t have to be Jewish to participate.

Food – If you like Sea Food, you must, must, must check out a restaurant called Mool Yam – Its considered to be one of Israel’s top 10 restaurants, and although its expensive its well worth it… If meet is your thing try Gilly’s, which offers carnivores a special treatment…

Eat, Drink, Play and Enjoy a Live Music Concert at TLV Port

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