This Thursday Night Out Tips Special

Live music in Fresh Town and French Electro under the ground

isragirl presents : Blondie, Video by susieretrofuture ©

I suppose I should start with the fact that in Israel, or in Tel Aviv to be exact, Thursday is the big night out. Most people in Israel don’t work on Fridays (See Israel’s weekends and national holidays), and in Tel Aviv people are always anxious to start the weekend as early as possible, so Thursday night is going out night…

This Thursday Tel Aviv will celebrate the 2003 declaration of the white city – a world heritage site, I’ve dedicated two posts to the events that will take place all across Tel Aviv and Jaffa, on the streets, in galleries, theaters, parks, museums and along the beaches, but if you are not satisfied with all those options, I have a couple more delicious ideas for you.. but stay open minded and try to see the humor in my suggestions, after all you are on a vacation:

Blondie – Yes-Yes, Blondie, Debbie Harry Blondie, will make you boogie at the open and very lovely if I may add, amphitheater at Ra’anana Park (Half hour from the center of Tel Aviv during off peak hours). I’ve seen a couple of concerts there (Lauryn Hill and Cesaria Evora) and if you manage to avoid the traffic and get there early you will have only good memories from the venue and its special energies…(Ra’anana in Hebrew  is Fresh)

Brodinski will be the special guest of PAG Gay party line in Barzilai Club. And true, many other fine musicians and DJs will play all over the city this Thursday, but this French guy, who’s famous for treks such as Bad Runner BTW, built his electro-musical career through MySpace (or at least that’s where he became popular first), so as a bloger I just had to show my support and invite you all to enjoy the party!!!

Go crazy or foolish in an outdoor concert or dive into Techno-House oblivious

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