Leave Israel Alone – Hysterical Video!!!

Britney Spears’ fan inspires a “pro” Israeli activist – Funny!!!

Isragirl Presents : Leave Israel Alone, Video by jewishjournal ©

Whether you have seen the original video by Chris Crocker, the most famous Britney Spears fan in the world (A masterpiece by the way), or not, this funny tribute just may put a smile on your face. If you don’t find it at least a little funny, you must be: A. Pro-Israeli American (and probably Jewish) – who will just not have people laughing about Israel; B. Right wing Israeli who thinks this video is anti-Israeli and that its subtext is false; C. You just don’t get it…; D. You have no clue as to how you got to this blog and why you’ve just watched a crazy bitch go on and on about Israel.

And even though I wouldn’t want to think, and I don’t think, that Israel is somewhat of a drunk has-been-bad-ass who jeopardizes its own citizens, and can’t help but messing up time after time, and then sobbing about how miserable it is, I found the video hilarious!!!

I am sure this video is not going to convert anyone’s opinion, but if you have something on your mind, remember that your comment just might (convince some flaky clueless dude that you know best), so feel free to be angry in writing if necessary….And my apologies in advance.

Leave Israel Alone – She’s a Country!!! This is not a controversial site, mind you, nor is it a provocative blog, so hop along, don’t watch it, I warned you…

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