Its My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To

Happy Birthday Isragirl, Aren’t you too old for Blogging?

Isragirl Presents : Birthday, by Berry Sakharof and Infected Mushroom, Clip by Lenningx ©

Yes, I know its lame to post about my own birthday, but hay, you try coming up with a topic 4 times a week, and we’ll see how long you get around the birthday post… So let’s do it and be done with it! Tomorrow is my birthday, yap, my special day. In a galactical effort not to be seriously morbid or just plain cynical, I’ve chosen a song I actually like. It’s called Birthday and it starts with “Today is a Birthday” (Its some what of Israeli slang…). The song, written originally as a ballad by Berry Sakharof, was Remixed few years later by Infected Mushroom and the outcome was a hit. I remember dancing this track on a friend’s boat-birthday-party in the Sea of Galilee a few years back, it feels like ages ago… It was the last song after a long night and morning of trance music in the middle of the lake, and as we made our way back to Tiberias the infected version of Birthday squeezed every drop of energy still left in us. It was crazy.

I’ve decided to post this version that doesn’t include the video clip, since this one had better sound, and after all this is the point of the post – that the song is fucking awesome. If you wish to watch the somewhat trippy video featuring Sakharof and the Mushroom boys (Erez Ayzen and Amit Duvdevani), it’s on YouTube. If you are a Dony Darko fan you will like the video, I’m sure. And if you are interested in the lyrics, click on the video I’ve posted, you will find in the responses section that some one translated the song to English (poor translation, but what to do?).

Last year I went skydiving with The Man on my birthday and it was WoW, this year I’ll settle for a gathering of friends, hopefully outside of Tel Aviv. On second thought why not jump again? Maybe, we’ll see… Places I’ve celebrated birthdays at: New York, London Johannesburg, Manali (North India)… Oh Manali, now that WAS a birthday!!! It had nothing to do with me, but there was a party, it was on the right date, in a stunning location outside the village, the music was very happy and so were everyone there. Trance in the Himalaya – An excellent way to celebrate your birthday (even if you are passed your 20’s). Actually, Manali is a fantastic place to celebrate BEING, regardless of birthdays, partying, music and even drugs. And come to think of it, this should be my lesson: birthdays are about celebrating BEING, I needn’t do anything special, I just have to look around and appreciate everything I’ve got.

Best Birthday Song Ever by Berry Sakharof and Infected Mushroom

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  3. You’re never too old to be blogging. Happy belated birthday.

  4. […] there you have it, loud Israeli trance music (probably by Skasi – one very noisy Israeli trance “band”), and lots of […]

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