Mountain Goat at Sunset and A Small Crater

It’s been a while since I’ve posted photos from scenic Israel. I’ve decided its time to give Tel Aviv and all its markets and galleries and clubs a rest, and head into the wild, or the desert at least. I’ve chosen two photos; both competed in an online photography contest held by Mochiller.

>> Photo contest and sunset in Israel


3 Responses

  1. Beautiful!

    Thank you!

  2. Stunning pictures, prize or not. The goat isn’t thinking about this, but may be affected just the same. You know, there are a lot of ways that responsible citizens can help to reduce damage to the earth when traveling – and to ourselves in the long run. One easy thing is to pick “green” accommodations when available, not just those who say they’re doing something, but those who actually are. You can do this through a website I’ve run across recently,, where you not only locate thousands of green hotels, but rate them, which puts pressure on hoteliers to do as much as they can to be well rated.

    Uniquely, the site features a social networking system, so groups with like interests can get together, advise each other and exchange information. It’s about time something like came along.

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