More Shameless Pride Parade Promotion

Watch this video and discover that Israel, is not just about the conflict. The Pride Parade to the Rescue…

Isragirl Presents : TLV World Gay Destination 2007, Video by Oshalev ©

Only two more days till the pride parade takes over the streets of Tel Aviv. Its time for some more shameless promotion. Just a few facts you may have forgotten: TLV is only 4 hours away from most European cities and a mere 5 hour’s flight from London. Tel Aviv is blessed with a fantastic weather and a long stretch of sandy beaches, there for: a) lots of skin is showing on the parade; b) the parade will end in a huge beach party; c) opportunity for some more skin to come out…

Tel Aviv is a great GLBT destination any weekend of the year, it has knockout gay parties, wild bars and dance-bars, it has unbelievable restaurants, eccentric shopping opportunities, a handsome gay beach, and it is, in general, a very gay friendly city. So why not celebrate with the local GLBT community and join us for a very happy occasion and party? Sunshine is guaranteed as well as shiny happy people, lots of alcohol, music and love.

Some After Parade Parties – Friday June 6:

HaOman 17FFF Party – The main after parade event, from midnight till noon the next day, plus another After Party on Shavuot, June 8, long line-up of DJs from Israel and the World, Add: 88 Abarbanel St.

Cedamus Amori – New York House and Electro, Add: 37 Nachalat Binyamin St.

-1A Playground Party, House, Dance and Electro, Add: 52 Nachalat Binyamin St.

Evita – Electro and House, DJ shmulik Tiar, Add: 31 Yavne St.

Femme Fatale – Eighty’s with Igi Waxman, Add: 19 De Pejeto St.

Last minute invitation to the TLV Pride Parade plus After Parade Party Options

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