King David and Bat-Sheva Staring in a Flamenco Production

Biblical Romance and Passion meet Flamenco Dance and Music

I saw this production of David and Bat Sheva a few months ago and thought it was quite special. I have to disclose two facts: I love Flamenco, and my sister is a dancer on the Israeli Flamenco company – Compas. On the one hand I may sound biased while on the other it just means that I’ve seen a lot of Flamenco in my life. I like some productions, others I like less. David and Bat Sheva is one I can recommend whole heartedly…


3 Responses

  1. […] using flamenco dance and music mixed with chanting of biblical music and beautiful costumes. Excel…The Fan Show CW11 St. Louis KPLR-TVKurt, LaBelle, Rich, Gould, Fan, of the, week, team, sports, […]

  2. I’m so excited by this post. It’s nice to see that other Israeli artists, working in other mediums, still see th story of David and Batsheva as relevant and interesting subject matter.
    I think it is important for secular Jewish and Israeli artist, especially young ones, to remain connected to our biblical heritage and present an alternative and up to date interpretation to these texts, otherwise we will lose them…

    My personal Bat-Sheva can be found here:


  3. […] famous Israeli musicians such as Shlomi Shaban, Eran Zur, Ivry Lidder, Daniel Solomon and others; Compas, the Israeli flamenco dance company will offer a new show called “With Time”, that will […]

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