Spiritual Film Festival At Tel Aviv Cinemateque This Week

Tourists visiting Israel May want to check out what’s going on in Tel Aviv Cinemateque this week: illustrious, illuminating, spiritual and challenging movies to the heart and soul from around the world will be screened in the Spiritual Film Festival from May 14 to May 17. >> Spiritual film festival at Tel Aviv cinematheque this week


3 Responses

  1. Rachel Holzwarth aka Suraj Holzwarth aka White Eagle Medicine Woman is a new age FRAUD. Until verrrry recently she has claimed to be Seneca and has been selling her interpretations of “Native Style” spirituality as authentic. She’s not Native American of any tribe although her audience is constantly fooled into believe so. She’s recently had her Eagle Feathers confiscated by the US Fish and Wildlife and she’s been fined accordingly for illegal possession. She’s also guilty of selling Eagle feathers through her whirling rainbow site. The IRS is currently investigating Holzwarth for fraud. Her Whirling Rainbow foundation is not listed in the IRS list of non-profits. Furthermore she built another non-profit in the past (The Alaska Women of the Wilderness Foundation) that was involuntarily dissolved by the government over 9 years ago, yet years after the dissolvement Holzwarth can be seen on the net soliciting payments for her Whirling Rainbow Foundation and her Grandmother Drum project to be made out to dissolved Alaska Women of the Wilderness Foundation. She’s also guilty of copyright infringement as some of the music on her CD’s and her songbook are copyrighted works by other artists and she either fails to give credit/misappropriated the music without permission or just flat out claims it as her own unlawfully. The best example the “Cherokee Morning Song” included in her songbook. This music was originally recorded with Robbie Robertson and Rita Coolidge and the song is copyrighted to Capitol Records.

    In the US she gets peacefully protested at all her venues to educate the public about her blatant misuse of Native spirituality for financial gain. She is unauthentic, a liar, and a con artist. Do not support this woman as it is support of cultural genocide. True Native spirituality does not cost money and the reality of it is….IT’S A COMMUNAL PRACTICE AND TRIBAL SPECIFIC. Never pay to pray.

  2. Watching SOUL MASTERS MOVIE brought back memories of one of the most exciting times of my life. As a student of Master Sha I was asked to accompany Master Sha to China to meet, study, and receive healings from Master Guo. What we learned and experienced was phenomenal. I experienced everything you see in this movie first hand and still today get emotional every time I view the movie. The healing I received on this enlightening journey, there are no words to describe it. It was life changing for me. The love that Master Guo and Master Sha have for humanity is boundless and is expressed in everything they do. This has allowed them to accomplish so much over so many lifetimes together. I want to encourage every one to see this movie as it will touch your heart too.

  3. All these events I’m just now hearing about, I’ll definitely visit the Spiritual Film Festival next time around.

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