Baha’i Shrine and Gardens of Haifa Video

A few weeks ago I’ve published a post about the Baha’i world center in Haifa. The beautiful photo of the shrine and gardens generated quite a few comments. It was a popular post and since I find this place to be one of the most special tourist attractions in Israel, I’ve decided to find a video on the subject and give you more information about this striking religious site. >> Baha’i shrine and gardens of Haifa Video


4 Responses

  1. I remember taking a day off just to go and sit in the Baha’i Gardens for a few hours, to leave the world behind and to draw refreshment from the peace and organized tranquillity that one finds there.

    It’s not like the peace in the bush or in nature. Somehow, because of the design and perfection, one feels a different kind of peace – that all is well because everything is where it is designed to be. That is very soothing when one’s mind is in turmoil.

  2. Thanks for the post! Mike, your comment reflects what the architects had in mind. From what I understand, the aim of the terraces and peaceful atmosphere is that when people walk towards the Shrine they leave their daily worries and busy thoughts behind before entering the Shrine for prayer.

    From what I can see and know all sacred places and houses of prayer that the Bahais build have a similar concept.

    having been in the gardens myself I can attest that this truly does happen.

    ps, looks like the clip does not work, can you repost it ?

  3. sorry, my bad, it just took a while to load.

  4. Visiting the gardens is worth a trip to Haifa – from anywhere on the planet. I’ve gone from Kansas. The gardens are like a vision of Heaven on earth, and to know that such places are possible generates hope for the rest of the world.

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