Who Let the Jews Out: Happy Passover and Freedom to All

Isragirl Presents : Who Let the Jews Out, Animation by DanMeth.com ©

This Saturday, Jews all around the world will be celebrating Passover. This is probably THE family holiday for Jews, which means a lot (!!!) of food, a lot of aunts and uncles asking “Did you gain weight? When are you going to get married? What about children? Your mom really wants some grandchildren…Isn’t it about time?” I guess holidays are the same everywhere. Personally, I don’t mind the family harassments too much, I have the loudest mouth anyways and I cook the main dish for the feast (Lamb of course) – so they all have to be nice! This year we shell be celebrating Passover on Kibbutz Degania Bet – That’s where I’m from originally – and lucky me, its hot enough to swim in the Sea of Galilee, to dip in the Jordan River (15 min walk from my mom’s house) and enjoy the lovely fields of the Jordan Valley.

If you are travelling in Israel these days, you should know that kids are out on their Passover vacation, so most tourist attractions are going to be busy and a lot of the National Parks will be crowded as well. Weather wise this is a fantastic time to be touring Israel, it’s not too hot and the scent of spring is everywhere.

For those who like outdoor parties, Passover is an important date as well, since this is when the outdoor parties season officially starts, I’ll be updating you on that in the posts to come. In the mean time – Don’t eat too many Matza balls during Passover – you will fart dust (and it wont be star dust…) and have a very happy Passover with your families and friends, rejoice in your freedom and wish it upon others.

Dont eat too much on your Passover feast – Happy Holiday to Every one

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  1. Even when I play dirty – you are Metsamtsemet the gap… only 100 !!!

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