Israel celebrating 60 in a 4 days bicycle ride across the country – Happy Birthday

Riding for Israel
Isragirl Presents : Photo by Sport 5 web site ©

Israel’s independence was declared in May 1948 and this year the country will be celebrating it’s 60th independence Day in a serious of national events, one of which is a huge bicycles trip starting in the city of Be’er Sheva, capitol of the Negev desert in the south, and reaching the town of Kiryat Shmona, near the border with Lebanon in the north. The ride is open to the public and each one of us can choose where and when to join. If you’re in a good shape you could ride the full 4 days route or even compete in one of the sections. If you just want a taste, join for a day and take part in an exciting event with thousands of others bicycle riders. I couldn’t find a good info page in English for you, so, I’ll do my best translating the important information:

Day 1: April 21st

Starting Point: The Negev Monument 8am

Join-up Point: Iftach Division Monument 10am

Join-up Point: Eevim Junction 12 noon

Ending Point: Delilah Beach in Ashkelon 2pm (Live music concert)

From start to End: 87 km

Competitive route: for teams only – sign-up at 7am – Negev Monument.

Day 2: April 22nd

Starting Point: Givat HaTachmoshet, Jerusalem 8am

Join-up Point: Ofer Junction 10am

Join-up Point: The Maintenance core Monument (Heil HaTakhzooka) 12 noon

Ending Point: Hod HaSharon 1pm

From start to End: 65 km

Day 3: April 23rd

Starting Point: Monfort Lake, Ma’alot 8am

Join-up Point: Kabri Junction 10am

Ending Point: Nahariya 12:30

From start to End: 35 km

Day 4: April 24th

Starting Point: Kibbutz Kfar Gilaadi 8am

Join-up Point: Gadot Junction 11am

Join-up Point: Yehudiya Junction (HaMachtzeva parking) 12:30

Ending Point: Tzemach Junction 2:30pm

From start to End: 85 km

Competitive route: Sign up at 7am – Kfar Giladi

General information: Participation is limited for 16 years of age and above. Kids over 12 can join the ride when it passes through cities. Competitors should be riding in groups of 6 and should have medical approval and insurance. The trip will be secured by the police and the IDF, medical assistance will be available for those in need. Water will be supplied in different join-up points, but in general food and water are within the responsibility of the riders. Egged will offer special buses to take riders to starting and join-up points.

For more info: Tel: 972-9-9552028  Fax: 972-9518987 Mail:

Ride your Bicycles across Israel and celebrate Israel’s 60 Birthday

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