The Red Sea Never Seen So Red

The Red Sea
Isragirl Presents : Eilat’s Red Sea ©

This funny looking photo of the Gulf of Eilat is just a reminder of how hot it’s soon going to be in Eilat. The Red Sea is not really red; this is a good old photo-shop prank that I have on my computer and I’ve decided to share it with you because Passover is coming our way and it’s a great time to visit the delightful and relaxing city of Eilat located at Israel south most tip. Eilat is a terrific holiday destination simply because it has everything you need when going on a sunny vacation. Lots of sunshine all year around (but maybe too hot in Jul-Aug), crystal clear waters of the Red Sea, wonderful hotels and restaurants, a very long beach, people from all over the world, some of the most spectacular diving opportunities you will ever find, water sports of every kind, cruises, desert trips (Camels, Donkeys and ATVs) and even its very own 3D IMAX Theater. You could relax on the beach with a margarita in your hand, get a sun tan and read, or you could be snorkeling along the reef enjoying the under water world and its extravagant colors. You could choose to be active and water ski till you drop dead from happiness or drive to Timna Park for archeological glam. And of course, the hotel swimming pool is always there, not to mention the SPA…At night, if not exhausted, you can choose an open bar over looking the Red Sea on Eilat’s promenade or, maybe a club, or an outdoor party…Eilat’s nightlife will give you the chance to show-off your shining new fabulous tan…

Come to the Red Sea for the Sun, Tan, Good Life, Diving and Relaxing Time – your perfect Holiday is waiting in Eilat

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