Sexy Israeli Girls and Trance Music Video

First of all – My apologies… this video is cheap and yellow and trash and as a feminist I’m ashamed of this video and of this post. It’s just that writing a travel blog is very hard and getting traffic to the blog is even harder. My friend, the Plucked Rat, is writing a blog about the Burning Man Festival, and with two or three posts showing tits, he has managed to double his traffic and leave me way behind. I’ve decided to fight back using his sleazy weapon…
>> Sexy Israeli tits girls “still sells”


9 Responses

  1. In the next post try also using the tags Hot Babes, Hot Women, Nude Art etc. and for god sake – give a sleezyefr name to the post – like: “Onlt Tits and Asses on the Hot beaches of Tel Aviv” (or do you want me to make this experiment) – any way – You have surpassed me in technorati Athority – and I’m more than sure your page rank will be more than 2 in the next round. all the best – keep the faith and keep in touch. the Plucked Rat.

  2. yafeh!

    mah ha’shirah?

  3. It’s Infected Mushroom, not Skazi and they both pretty suck bad at the moment.

    But yay for the girls, you sure they all Israeli?

  4. This should not surprise you. If you are a feminist you should embrace your femeninity and make it work for you. Sure, you may be an amazing human, but nobody cares, Use what you got, and never look back.

  5. Sexy Israeli Girls and Hip

  6. Vow.. Sure i gonna be in Israel in one of these days.. And for the music lyrics sucks a big time, but instrumental music hip rockin’..

  7. humm if this is what a feminist would do for web traffic I woulder what I could get you to do for some real money?

    • Yes Rozlynn you are right…I am a traffic whore and will do anything for clicks… dont know how far I’ll go for real money, never been proposed an indecent proposal… But Iam Jewish, so probably will do anything for REAL money…. Just kiddding…thanks for the comment, spot on, as the English say.

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