Photo from Safed Birth Town of Kabbalah

Safed (pronounced Tzfat in Hebrew) is a city in the Northern District of Israel and it is one of Judaism’s Four Holy Cities, along with Jerusalem, Tiberias and Hebron. Safed is the birth town of Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) and still is a center for Kabbalah students and followers. The Jewish community of Safed started growing in the 15th century and Rabbi Issac Luria (“HaAri” – the lion) – Kabbalah’s foremost advocate – came to live and teach here in 1569. >> Safed (Tzfat) – Kabbalah birth town


2 Responses

  1. Perhaps, Safed is the place where I want to be just right now (peaceful and calming).

    Thanks for inspiration πŸ™‚ Great blog!

  2. […] must be the special spiritual atmosphere of Safed that turned this “very Jewish” festival into a huge street party. After all, here, you […]

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