Tel Aviv My Love Video of the Day

Many thanks to Hollyyyyyyy for this great video on Youtube. Just a taste of Tel Aviv for all those looking for a great city to spend their vacation at.

This cool photo video of Tel Aviv made me love my city even more

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2 Responses

  1. site looks nice, nice to see what the west has paid for!
    If someone from the west visits Israel

    Does one get to see the ugly side of Israel, the crimes against Gaza and the settlements that by law are not to be expanded but are.

    Do we get to visit all the Palestinians that illegally locked up in places far worse then places where Jews were kept in holohoax days.(holocaust)

    do we get to visit that apartied wall that is bigger then the Berlin wall… if we visit Israel they are not going to force us to work in the IDF are they?

  2. great photos, love the song, tel aviv looks alot like south beach, i always new how modern and lovely it was from my israeli friends in Miami, but this video actually made me consider doing a trip down there…thanks!

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