St. Patrick’s Day in Israel

Yes, yes, odd as it may sound, St. Patrick’s Day is going to be celebrated even here in Israel. Thanks to the thriving pub culture and many Irish Pubs flourishing in Israel, the green day will not pass unnoticed in the Holy Land. If you are Irish and happen to be in Israel these days check out the list below to find out where you can sip your Guinness in an exceptionally friendly atmosphere on your national holiday.

Eilat: Underground, Menkis, Meta Bar, Paddy’s Nahariya: Levinson Netanya: Shemrock, Uranus Arad: Mooza Petach Tikva: Berollo Ashkelon: Skobar Beer Sheva: Publo Binyamina: Indika Rupin: Lenon Caesarea: Bundy Hod HaSharon: Agness Herzliya: Bur-yo, Dublin Zichron Ya’akov: HaOorva, Hobit Haifa: Irish House, Alterman, Barbarosa, Duke, HaMartef, HaSeles, HaOgen, Carmela, Levinsky, Mydlers, Skatch, Pola, Poondak HaDov, Pipes, Clemens Jerusalem: O’Connell, Barrod, Boolinat, Belwood, Dublin, Havatzelet, Mike’s Place, Choice, Shanti Kfar Saba: Babiti, Blo-oh, La Fachanga Carmiel: Pub Carmiel, Franklin Bar Kiryat Haim: Insomnia, Elephant, Jepeto, Morgan, Churchill Reshon Letzion: O’Conner, E-deaa, Baron, Barca, Bershevsky, Katza Bar, Mitch, Koby’s Rehovot: Atmoss, Dublin, Truman Ramat Hasharon: Tempel Bar Tel Aviv: Avant-garde, Bloom, Bur-yo 66, English Pub, HaKossit, Yehoshua, Leo Bloom’s, Leny’s, Molly Bloom’s, Mike’s Place, Starsky, Sutchmo, Perla, Cheers, Noga Café

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