Tourism to Israel brakes record

Some 182,000 tourists visited Israel in Jan 2008, a new record for Israel and certainly very good news for the tourist industry of our small country. It appears people all over the world realized that this beautiful country is not to be missed and they don’t let news reports from the Gaza strip (or Damascus for that matter) get in the way of their dream winter vacation.
The number of tourists in January show rise of 7% compared with Jan 2000 the braking record year of tourism to Israel till now. Israel hopes to see more then 2.8 million visitors this year and so far it looks as if this goal is defiantly attainable.

On a much more personal note, I would like to add that the news can be very scary sometimes but more often then not, they have little to do with tourists. I visited South Africa in 1993 just before the first free elections, violence was sky rocking and my family back home was very worried watching the news. Needless to say I had fantastic time there… I was in north India in the summer of 2002 when according to CNN and BBC a violent clash between India and Pakistan was inevitable…. I was relaxing in Kulu valley and having the time of my life… nothing happened in the end. I could go on and give plenty more examples, but to make a long story short, here is my travel tip of the day – TV news and newspapers need to sell commercials and advertisement space, and PANIC sells…Tourists visiting Israel will be very disappointed if they expect to see here the Israel they know from news reports of Gaza – Israel is safe, street violence is scarce and the population is extremely friendly. So take the advice of 182,000 visitors of Jan 2008 and come to Israel, a wonderful adventure awaits you!!!

The secret is out, Israel is a perfect holiday destination

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