A glimpse of Tel Aviv – Shana Tova Madonna

Forbs Magazine published lately that Madonna made in 2007 more money then any other musician in the world. Good for you Madonna…. Well as you know, Madonna is a passionate Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) student, and in the past two years she had spent Rosh Hashana (the Jewish new year holiday) in Israel. Since she makes so much money, I guess she could spend her holidays any where she would like, and if she chose Israel – maybe she knows something others don’t… Holidays in Israel are fantastic, if you are lucky enough to know any Israelis most chances that you will be invited to a family feast, and you should strongly consider saying yes, cause you’ll have the time of your life.

Check out this video called “Shana Tova Madonna” – it’s a small taste of Tel Aviv – and was made in her honor as a welcome present – but I dedicate it to you

Oh, and by the way, Shana Tova means Happy New Year in Hebrew.

»* Many Thanks to Omer Shalev who made this video and to YouTube…

A Video of Tel Aviv specially made for Madonna, the most famous tourist of Israel

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  1. muy linda cancion. arriva israel

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