Welcome 2 Israel…

Isragirl on a tripWelcome 2 Israel travel tips, my Israel travel blog…

I’ll be covering Israel’s nightlife, art, hotels, beaches, restaurants, events and more.

Be sure to pop in every once in a while 2 check out whats going on in this small and sunny country. Check out my fun videos, music videos and enjoy my personal tips. This is what I’m here for…. See ya.

Best tips for young travelers coming to Israel

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5 Responses

  1. I love Isragirls, they’re the best!

    Does that make me a racist now?

  2. No, it doesnt make u a racist!!! I love isragirls too, probably not the way you like them… but still, you are right, they are the best.
    10x for your response…

  3. I live in Israel since 18 years because of Isragirls – show us some pics and get people more interested, hatzlacha! 🙂

  4. I also live in Israel – and love Isra-Girls… I agree with Katzenelson – show us some more… we love it !

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